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The Company
Georgopoulos Sotirios
General Cleanings Pyrgos

Many years of experience, know-how and professionalism distinguish the company GEORGOPOULOS SOTIRIOS in the local market. Why our cleanliness is not a simple matter, but experience expertise and professional equipment!

The machines we use are state-of-the-art and the detergents we use are environmentally friendly.
We serve from where we are requested in Ilia.

We undertake the cleaning of spaces and private and professional, residences, newly built apartments, buildings, offices, banks, gyms, stairwells, apartment building management, glass cleanings, building facades, inscriptions. We do disinfection, disinfestation, pestilence.

We operate as carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning, on-site lounge cleaning, boat cleaning, hotel cleaning, awning cleaning.

Contact us to study your space and cost your needs, always at the most reasonable prices!





2621023408, 6936505032, synergeiokatharismoupyrgos@gmail.com





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